Hello, and welcome to a virtual home for my verbiage, my world wide web of words!

To real life people I am known as Claire Travers Smith – no hyphen, no idea why.

To the internet, I am known as CTS – not to be confused with the Catholic Truth Society or Carpal Tunnel syndrome, although some might argue time spent with me is just as guilt-inducing and painful.

By day, I am a Senior or Series Edit Producer in broadcast television, writing voice over scripts for people you’ll actually have heard of on programmes you may have even watched.

By night, I’m a shameless pun-lovin’ crriminal. I write poems, parody songs, a bit of fiction, a bit of fact. It’s what I like best.

Do have a little peruse of my little storefront of verbal brick-a-brack if you so wish. If you see anything you like or might want more of, feel free to drop me a line. If you see something you don’t, well, you can do what you please so long as you don’t break anything and please do shut the door on your way out.

Thanks for stopping by my small corner of the internet. It’s a pleasure to presume to have met you.


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