In 2011 I started writing a blog that went on to take over my life, and not always in a great way! And that blog is 52 First Dates.

Despite being a vintage eleven years old at time of going to WordPress, it’s racked up nearly 1.25 million hits from 80,000 users and counting, and also won an award at the Cosmo Blog Awards 2011. Not too shabby for something that started out as a frivolous little project. That’s a lot of people who’ve read about the time I sent a message saying I didn’t fancy my date, while on the actual date, to my actual date…oh gosh, stop rocking now. It’s over, it’s over…

Screenshot 2022-11-30 171015

The blog also garnered a fair amount of press attention, thanks to one of my dates being a serial Catfish, the story of which ended

up as the cover story of the Observer Magazine, and later in the Daily Mail and Bella Magazine. So that was nice.

I’ve also ended up on “How To Find Love Online” with Dawn O’Porter for Channel 4. I’ve also been interviewed by Sky News,

Radio 2, RTE Radio One, RTE 2fm, Newstalk FM, Radio 4, Women’s Hour and Men’s Hour as I’ve become a sort of accidental

vessel for each and every type of dating disaster story. It’s a hill I will most probably die on. Could be worse, I suppose. At least I

was never on The Apprentice.

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